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Power USB

Plug and play power control from Computer. Automation, Power Saving, Computer Watchdog. Simplest PLC device in the market

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Dynafocal Glasses

Auto focus eyewear that changes focus based on users view. Practical solution for presbyopia



World’s slimmest eyewear frames with high fidelity open ear audio for calls, music, siri/google and alexa

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Luxury leather band with built in audio. Turns your classic watch or smartwatch into private call device

Dallas, TX - Bangalore, India

Design Services

Electronics - Software - Mechanical Design
Everything you need to take your product from Concept to Market

With offices in USA and India we offer full stack product development with emphesis on wearables and IOT

Large consumer brands use PHTL for their products

Over 8 years of experience in Product Engineering

Designed world's slimmest band with gesture control

PCB Electronics Design
Embedded Software
App Development for connected products
3D Modelling and Design
Industrial Design
Prototyping to Production

  • Schematics and Gerber

  • Embedded and App

  • 3D and ID

  • Life cycle testing

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