Introducing HOT BAND

HOT Band allows your existing watch to become a smart watch. If you already own a smart watch then HOT Band can add patented private calling feature to your watch. HOT Band comes with high quality Italian leather so you can continue using your existing watch without compromising on style. You can back the project on Kickstarter now to and a get a hugely discounted HOT Band before it hits the market.

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Power USB

The four-outlet power strip is designed with end users in mind for Automation, Power Saving and Remote Computer Monitoring. The three of the four outlets are user-controlled through the software. In addition to conserving power ... 

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iCount is another patented Technology by PHTL. iCount provides a cost effective and novel approach of audience verification through application of Machine Vision - computers that can see. iCount technology is primarily used in ... 

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HOT Watch

HOT watch will be launched in the First quarter of 2014. It is a smart watch that works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. This feature-rich device will put all your critical apps on your wrist where they are easily accessible. HOT will have a touch screen with a very ... 

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Dynamic Glare

Dynamic Glare block technology patent was approved in 2010. "Selective system for blocking glare in a specific location of a user's field of vision." - Patent number 7,651,220 ...


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