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Innovation and problem solving is an evolutionary process required to meet the challenges of every industry. In today's world of fast-paced technological developments, timely innovations with the right technology can make all the difference between 'make it' or 'break it'. PHTL, a well-established company that has been building new technology for over five years, is here to fill this gap and we want you to succeed!

We are providing innovative solutions for common problems faced by all industries, solving for general and specific industries applications every day. Our ingenious solutions, range from smarter power strips monitoring for operational security and innovative use of Machine Vision technology to glare-blocking helmets for welders and windshield solutions for airplanes and cars. With our creative team of scientists, engineers and innovators, PHTL is offering an ever-growing list of products that are changing the way industries and businesses operate on a daily basis.

Over the last decade, PHTL has developed some remarkable ideas into realities and holds several new US patents in a variety of fields for diverse applications, with a host more in the pipeline. PHTL is flowing with possibilities and you can be the next beneficiary of its intelligent designs and innovations.

Moving forward in the 21st century at the pace and direction that we believe is the future of progress in every industry, PHTL is offering more innovative new ideas to solve problems faster, more cost-effectively and with less risk. The global economy is exerting ever-growing pressure on organizations to be leaner, greener and safer while staying competitive. We at PHTL are certain that the answer lies in challenge-driven innovation to achieve the goals of enterprise.

By unleashing human creativity and converting ideas into realities, our products help you solve everyday problems with user-friendly, affordable solutions that matter to businesses and industries. If you want to know how one of our products can help you achieve your goals, please look at our product section for many possible applications. We are confident you will find profitable uses for our products in your own institution.

You are welcome to contact PHTL at any time with questions about our ground-breaking technology and what it can do for you.

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1721 W. Plano Pkwy # 206
Plano, TX 75075

Tel:  (214) 504 - 2263
Fax: (214) 260 - 6064

Website: http://www.phtl.com
Email: info@phtl.com

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Tel: (214) 504 - 2263
Fax: (214) 260 - 6064

Email: info@phtl.com